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Kama Male Vitality Formula

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Male potency is a distillation of all the energies taken into the body throughout a man's lifetime.  The synergistic blend of aphrodisiac herbs in Kama's support the sexual health of men through the energies that may have been lost by time or unhealthy lifestyles.

Ashwagandha, a traditional male potency tonic, relaxes the mind and prepares the body for loving, sensual experiences.  Hygrophila auriculata soothes inflammation and supports circulation to the reproductive organs.  Mucuna pruriens increases feelings of satisfaction, and is said to increase production of testosterone, aphrodisiac and is used to increase sex drive.  Saffron ,the tiny stamens collected from the flowers of the autumn crocus, is a traditional remedy for anxiety and nervousness.  Shilajit is a vegetable organic matter collected in the Himalayan and is used for soothing the nerves, stimulating sex drive

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