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The Neem Tree

The Neem tree...............A tree of Life...............

is a native of the Indian sub-continent, can now be found in Asia. Neem, The tree of Life, has many curative qualities of its bark, leaves and seeds.

Botanically, known as Azadiracta Indica, neem has active compounds which increase immunity. Neem has strong anti parasitic qualities and is an excelent blod-purifier which helps to clean the digestive tract of parasites and toxins.

Neem has long standing results for all kinds of skin problems. The neem leaves are excellent for relieving itch because of its anti-bacterial properties.

Neem is 100% bio-degradable and has calcium, niacin, Vitamin C and many more. The chemical composition of the neem leaves has some active ingredients which makes the Neem very very special..............

Neem is included in most Ayurvedic skin products as it is effective on an external application as through internal ingestion. Neem oil which is very rich in Vitamin E, and high fatty acids, is a natural anti-septic which is excellent for all skin conditions